Fit to Perform Study Group | Scientific background
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Test battery
Since 2012, The department of Surgery of the Medical Center Haaglanden (The Hague, NL), the Dutch Surgical Association, and the Centre for Human Drug Research (Leiden, NL) have collaborated to develop a short, practical and validated test battery that is easily implementable in daily medical practice. As this test battery has been used to investigate both the effects of sleep deprivation during night shifts as well as decreasing performance under the influence of alcohol, it is now possible to compare the effects of demanding shifts to a relevant social frame of reference (i.e. the legal limit of driving under influence).

Optimizing patient safety
At this point, by means of a nationwide study, the FtoP test is being implemented in several medical centers in the Netherlands. A collaboration between the FtoP study group and the Dutch national associations of Anesthesiology, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics will result in the testing of over 500 medical professionals in various fields. Results from this study will provide clear data about post-night shift alertness levels. This data can be used as scientific backbone for optimizing patient safety, customizing work hour limitations, and increasing the quality of life of medical professionals. For more information or requests for collaboration; click here to join us.

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