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The Fit to Perform Study Group has developed a rapid, practical and validated test battery that is easily implementable in daily medical practice. The test battery consists of both objective and subjective measures. As this test battery has been used to investigate both the effects of sleep deprivation during night shifts as well as decreasing performance under the influence of alcohol, it is possible to compare the effects of demanding shifts to a relevant social frame of reference (i.e. the legal limit of driving under influence).
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More inclusions and new studies!

We’re delighted to see our inclusion numbers steadily increasing, now with nine departments in five hospitals collaborating and even more people willing to join. We are increasing our capacity to be able to fulfill these requests. Some months ago, the landmark First Trial has been published...

Fit to Perform study gestart op LUMC

Na grondig voorwerk, het realiseren van testen en het aangaan van partnerschappen is de Fit to Perform study inmiddels van start gegaan op de afdeling Heelkunde van het Leids Universitair Medisch Centrum (LUMC). De afdeling Heelkunde van het LUMC is de eerste afdeling die verminderde...

Fit to Perform Studie

Oververmoeidheid van dokters kan de veiligheid van patiënten in gevaar brengen en is van negatieve invloed op de kwaliteit van leven van de arts. In tegenstelling tot andere 24/7 professies, is er in de geneeskunde geen “Fit to Perform” maatstaf. Wel zijn er steeds meer...

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